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Latest Products!!


Custom Fit Sunshades for Cars - Please refer to my facebook link for more pics and car models available!/asc.singapore





DV001HDLCD - One of the Smallest Car DVR in the market!




We sell a variety of car products like Groovy Custom Fit Sunshades for cars, Easycar 2-Way Car Security System, PKE Keyless Entry System, Push Start Button System and Customised 3M Nomad Car mats with Heel Plate & Gripper Strips, Luxury Duo Colour Carmats, AAA Premium Car mats for all car models.

Please click the Forum page for more information about the products we offer. There are two very popular car forums in Singapore. All our products are inside. Please check it out!!

Please take a look at the products that we offer and SMS or call us at 96952338 to order. Thanks.


 Embroidery Logos for Cars


Customised Luxury Duo Colour Carmats on Volvo V70 

                                Customised 3M Nomad Carmat with Heel Plate & Grippers with Free Driver Logo