Advanced Security Concept

Our Story

Advanced Security Concept(ASC) is a Registered Company based in Singapore. Our company started in 2005. In the beginning, we were only selling Customised 3M carmats and proceed to import other car products like car alarms and other car security products as more and more of our customers requested us to sell other car related products. We offer free delivery for most of our products and will strive to bring in better and higher quality products which are not just useful but most importantly - it will help our customers to save money and feel more secure when driving their precious rides. Examples, our car accident recorders which will save you alot of false claims from insurance in case it is not your fault and our 2 way car alarm system which will deter and prevent your car from getting stolen.

Customised 3M Nomad carmats for all car models and free delivery for all carmats. Just a simple SMS to us and we will deliver your carmat once its done.

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Please SMS or call us at 96952338 if you have any enquiries.

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