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Terms & Conditions for Orders of the Customised 3M/AAA/Duo Colour Carmats

Please read all the Terms and Conditions on the ordering of carmats from us. You are deem to accept all these terms and conditions once you place your order by sms, whatsapp or email to us. 

1. Once we received your sms with your details (example: address, car no., type of carmats you want), it is a indication for a confirmation of your sales order.

2. No cancellation once your order is confirm.

3. If you want to cancel the order after confirmation, it is up to us to allow it on a case to case basis and only if the carmat has not yet been cut.

4. Once the carmat is cut, there is strictly no cancellation.

5. If you just want to check the pricing of our mats, please do not send us your details as it is consider to be a confirmation of your order.

6. If you already sms me your order and I reply you with either the price or confirmation and you did not reply back. It is consider  a confirmation of the order and you cannot cancel after that. Unless you reply me back that you want to cancel the order within one hour.

7. Our free delivery is complementary and we will only deliver the first time.  Any subsequent delivery is chargeable.  We will notify you on the date and time of delivery and if you do not pick up our call when we are delivering, you will have to self collect from us within the next few days or it will be deem a breach of sales and you will have to pay for the mats.

8. I am not able to put the carmats for you as I have a back injury. If you need someone to put the carmats for you, you can go directly to our workshop at Kaki Bukit and the staff there will help you with the installation.

9. All orders are Cash On Delivery. All prices are after discounts and there are no further bargaining of the price.